Tale of the Lavender House 

Welcome to the Lavender house a point and click adventure made in pico8!

Marvelanne Mcghee a psychic spiritualist finds herself trapped in the lavender house and must gather items to appease an angry spirit to earn her egress.

  • Point on verbs to use them with interactions. 
  • Click on NPCs to talk
  • Click on items to investigate further (partially implemented)
  • Click on inventory items to grab and use them(inventory items can be combined in the menu)
  • Right-click to release items or verbs

Coming Soon!!!

  • Notes! notes for your conversations (for now you can just infinitely ask the same questions over and over again)
  • Pathfinding! Marvelanne can kinda just walk all over everything at the moment, maybe she's a spirit! ? (no she's not... but maybe...)
  • Second Floor! Sorry I know it's a tease to have a staircase you can't climb but soon second floor and more lavender family storyline!
  • Probably fixing a fatal bug I missed!!

Thanks for playing!


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I love cute pixel graphics. There's a few glitches, especially with hotspots not disappearing after picking something up (I could fill my inventory with knives in the kitchen, for instance). Once I get outside, is there an actual end?

Thanks for playing!

There are a few bugs to work out, hoping to have an update ready for when the jam is over and I can once again upload. 

There is no real ending other than leaving the house at the moment. 

hope you check back

small bit of a bug, when moving around the house lighting the jack-o-lanterns after putting candles in and the one in the parlour lit itself up even without a candle


Thanks for letting me know I'll try to track it down and fix that bug !

sadly i can't update this project till voting is over :(